The Waterfall Mural in Downtown Madison, WI is an ongoing project for the AT&T Building Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc. Made of 60 panels (8 ft. by 4 ft.), just under 500 LED Lights, a plunge pool awning and a projection system that completes the piece with the illusion of falling water. the piece will be a centerpiece of downtown life. Scheduled completion date 11/1/2016.

For more information please email broken@mosaicart.us. Also, media outlets, please send links to your stories.

Below is a live video feed of the installation in progress.

The Waterfall Mural Project

In September of 2014, Eric Hovde of Hovde Properties acquired the 10 story AT&T building at 316 W. Washington Avenue in Madison, WI. Hovde Properties then embarked on a 30 million dollar renovation of the downtown landmark. According to an article by Bryna Godar of The Capital Times:

"The renovation has involved adding glass and windows to the beige façade, replacing all the curtain walls, cleaning the entire building, renovating the interior for new tenants and adding a new plaza out front. The renovation also includes space for two restaurants on the ground floor, one in each tower."

As the project was nearing completion in the summer of 2015, Eric Hovde needed something to tie the whole renovation together. A piece of art. Something noteworthy. So Mr. Hovde enlisted the help of a tenant in another Hovde property, Codaworx.

So the search began. Codaworx put out a call for submissions. 375 artists responded including Jonathan Brown of Modern Mosaics. After accepting the initial proposal, the real work began. Jonathan Brown designed a painted mural with almost 500 LED's programmed to change colors and 15 theatrical lights that create the illusion of water in motion between the two towers. The illusory water falls onto a splash pond awning made of glass and steel that opens onto the new plaza. A Waterfall.

After nearly 16 months of work and a never ending list of logistical hurdles, the Waterfall is finally being installed on the building. With the renovations completed, tenants have already moved into the building. The first floor now has a Barre Code  chart EUR/GBP fitness center and a Red Sushi restaurant. And the Waterfall Mural is everything Eric Hovde hoped it would be. A crowning piece in the revitalization of a downtown Madison community.

"As the installation has progressed, neighbors in the area have been telling me about how the building was in a state of disrepair for years," says Jonathan Brown. "It is anything but that now."



The Team

Modern Mosaics, Houston, TX
Jonathan Brown - Artist and Designer
Troy Winscott - Art Director and Production Manager, Rogue 1
Steven Winscott - Artist
Heaven Hixon - Artist
Yvonne Hunt - Artist
Deborah Clise - Artist
Varina Rush - Artist
Justine Lines - Artist
Krystie Rose - Artist
Sebastian Wyatt - Artist
Seneca Alexandre - Artist
John Whittlesey Bodman II - Artist
Aaron Brittain - Construction Artist

Pierce Engineers, Madison, WI
Seth Pfeil - Engineer
Brian Riewestahl - Engineer

Dimension IV Madison Design Group, Madison, WI
Ray White - Architect

Artemis Fine Art Services, Dallas, TX
Brian Harrison - Installation Project Manager

H&H Electric, Madison, WI
Tom Wineke - Electrical Project Manager

Starlite Productions, Moorestown, NJ
Dan Nichols - Lighting Design, Installation and Programming

Snowforest LLC, Madison, WI
Ting-Li Lin, Ph.D. - Photographer

Studio Iguanamonk, Houston, TX
Larry f'in Lines - Art, Media and Marketing Consulting

Hovde Properties, Madison, WI
Austen Conrad - Project Manager

Codaworx, Madison, WI
Toni Sikes - Supreme Leader
Sally Kraus - 
Nick Anderson - Art Logistics
The entire Codaworx team has been crucial to this project.

Big Myth, Houston, TX
Marketing, website development and social media.

Craters and Freighters, Houston, TX - Crate Design & Fabrication
Don Therioc - Crate Magician
Marisol Trevino - Office Manager, Crate Logistics
William Moreno - Crate Alchemist

Supreme Crane & Rigging, Houston, TX - Crane services
Tommy Byrd - Operations Manager, Crane Magician
Keith - Crane Magician

Castro Insurance, Houston, TX - Farmer's Insurance
Lorenzo Castro - Insurance Czar

Green Bank, Houston, TX
Krissa Puckett - Senior Vice President
Johanna Nowell - CSR
Steve Crowley - CSR
Arturo Mireles Jr. - CSR

Houston, TX
Mustafa "Sid" White - Accounting Services

Gordon and Reese, Houston, TX
Mike Navarro - Attorney

Hilti Tool, Houston, TX
Steven Skees - Building Construction Account Manager

Common Ground, Houston, TX
Adam Brockman - Properties

McCormick Lumber & Cabinetry, Madison, WI

Special Thanks to: Home Depot, Olshan, Home Depot, Uber, Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia, 3M

And none of this would have been possible without:
Vietnamese Sandwiches from Cali Sandwich, 3030 Travis St., Houston, TX 77006
Street Tacos from Luna Y Sol chart Euro British Pound, 2808 Milam, Houston, Tx 77006