Jonathan Brown

My work explores the relationship between small shapes and an over all concept - constantly looking to create a new shape while keeping a passionate, level composition.

With influences as diverse as Marinetti to Koons, new combinations are synthesized from both constructed and discovered concepts.

Ever since I was a student I had been fascinated with the arrangements of all things. What starts out as nothing but a particle. Soon becomes debased into a symmetry of construction, leaving only a sense of what had been and the possibility of a completely new way to view it.

As subtle pieces of glass become transformed through studious and critical practice, the viewer is left with a hymn of colors with in a striking formation.

Jonathan Brown, 2016, Houston, TX

Jonathan Brown founded Modern Mosaics in 1990 at the age of 19. He quickly made a name for himself in the Houston art scene selling wall hangings. He emerged onto the national scene in